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Our Laptop & Desktop Repair Services

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Repairing of Computers

Desktop/Laptop/Macbook/Monitor/Printer etc.

Hardware parts replacement (Motherboard, Power supply, Battery etc.)

Cracked laptop screen, keypad, LCD panel replacement etc.

Installation of additional RAM/memory & graphic card etc.

Networking/Internet/Router troubleshooting etc.

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PC unable to startup

Slow performance of operating system

Data recovery of accidentally deleted files

Computer lagging or unresponsive

Re-installations of operating system

PC reformatting & Windows re-installations

Mac OS setup and troubleshooting

Domain & Webhosting Services

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TSG Technologies built its own high-quality personal computers for use in homes and home offices, which was branded “TSG Personal Computer” in the early 1990s.

We customize high-performance PCs for our customers under the TSG brand, and have an excellent track record.

We aim to provide an unbeatable customized PC experience and quality service guaranteed.